Paraiso Minecraft is pleased to announce:


  1. Survival Server now updated to 1.12.2  All New Blocks are available
  2. All Servers now have /points these are earned for playtime and as a vote reward.
  3. /points can be redeemed for all items that are in main server shop
  4. To check your points value in game type /enjin points
  5. An extra vote site now added,  you can now gain points from crates as well as all the other great loot!!!
  6. /vote in game GUI which enables you to track the cooldowns until your next vote
  7. New Chest Shops on Survival enabling buy, sell and barter shops.  All with instant teleport using the /shop command


Please remember that to receive Paraiso Points you must be registered at the main website.

What a BUSY Easter weekend.  Stay tuned for many new updates


The Paraiso Minecraft Network is pleased to announce the addition of our Kit-PVP server!

Features included:

-1.8 PvP Mechanics

-11 different kits

-7 rank exclusive kits

-Special items

Additional Notes:

Commands like /fly are disabled in the arena. In addition, when purchasing perks from buycraft please do so when logged on servers like factions or SMP.

Rule breakers in the PVP arena should be reported on the forums or discord channel. 


New Server Game!

Survival Multi-Player(SMP)



-Vote Crates

-Player to player economy

-Land claims

-Chest shops

In order to be successful in this game mode, it is vital players vote. Vote links are found at 

Updates to Factions!

Following the successful launch of vote crates in SMP we have added vote keys as rewards for voting. 

-Sell wands

Limited to use per wand. Right-click chest with contents you wish to sell. 

-Envoys only enable with 5 players* online

*Subject to change

Week 3 Updates

This week we've had a multitude of updates and new features!


-Spawn fully revamped | Please give feedback here

-CE System edited | See here

-Various things added to shop | /warp shop


-Still under development. We will post updates soon!


-Site Theme change

-Ban appeals have turned into a form like the staff application, you can access it in the appeals/applications tab

-Trophy system 


-Make sure to vote with [/vote] in-game or click on the vote tab on the website

-Visit and follow our new Instagram! | Link here

-Please donate! We depend on your donations entirely. We do not do this to make a profit and only intend to break even and offer the best experience for all of you. That is why ranks are cheaper compared to other servers. | Click on the donation store tab

-Get your friends to play!

-Have fun!

**Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/comments/suggestions or post it on the forums**



[Owner] MacTh3Mac a Thanks Cheese, Even a small $1 donation goes a long way to helping with server costs. Our time and all staff time is e...

Hello Paraiso Players!

Its been a while since I've posted one of these but that is with reason! For the past few weeks, the staff team has been working hard on several huge updates!


-Global tab list with ping, ip, ranks and other cool features. 

-New hub server.

-Server RAM now doubled to ensure gameplay stays LAG free as the community grows. We don't intend to grow the server and not ensure gameplay quality remains.

-Server Relocated to East Coast US Data Center with Microsoft so Europe and all US players should now receive a sub-100ms Ping Time with our Dedicated 1Gbps Trunkline Network Connection.

-Rank lounges finished, all ranks have an exclusive shop as well as secure trading posts. To access these use /warp <rankname>
Looking ahead:
We are currently working on bedwars and survival servers. These are still needing some config work and should be released in a timely fashion. 
Staff Updates:
Welcoming Fwsage as a new staff member!

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Paraiso Minecraft has reached a new hit record of 30 unique hits today!
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